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See the latest edition of the Parish Pump for forthcoming events (link above)


Damerham Welcome Pack

Living in Damerham

Confused about Household Recycling?

Recycling is collected from all households in the New Forest every week in clear sacks.

What can I put in the clear sack? 

Fill your clear sack with household recycling, tie it and place it at the edge of your property for collection each week. Sacks should be put out for collection no earlier than 6pm on the evening before collection and no later than 6am on the day of collection.

Recycling should be placed loose in the sack; any items contained in carrier bags within the sack cannot be taken.

Yes please to:

Paper - newspapers & magazines, envelopes, junk mail, catalogues & phone books

Card - cereal boxes,cardboard packaging, kitchen & loo roll tubes 

Tins - food tins, pet food tins, bisuit tins, sweet tins

Cans - drinks cans, metal coffee cans

Aerosols - hairspray, deodorant& polish cans

Plastic bottles - drinks bottles, milk bottles, shampoo/shower get bottles,cleaning product bottles


What can't I put in the clear sack?

These items should go in your black sack:

Plastic pots, yoghurt pots, tubs and trays

Cartons and foil


Find more information about ‘why I can't recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays’ in my clear sack here: https://www.hants.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling/recycleforhampshire/whatweneed/




You can recycle glass bottles and jars through your black box or green communal bin. 



For further information, please see http://www.nfdc.gov.uk/recycling

We have put some information together on these pages which, we hope, will give you an idea of what living in Damerham is like. We hope you find them useful and interesting.


One of the best and quickest ways to get to know people in the Village is to become one of our willing volunteers! Keep an eye on the Latest News and Events page (on the lefthand side).  For things which really interest you get in contact with the organisers and ask if they would like any help. 


You might want to serve on a Committee, or be involved in running an event – or you might just be prepared to give a hand with running a stall, or with the washing-up, or the raffle.


Damerham is a very “eventful” place – and we can never have too many helpers!

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