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New wireless broadband service available for properties to the North of Damerham - See 'The Internet and Broadband' section of Amenities for more details.


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The Damerham, Martin, Rockbourne and Whitsbury Roll of Honour



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‘The Menin Road’ by Paul Nash (1889 - 1946), who served on the Western Front in The Great War as an officer in The Hampshire Regiment. © IWM (Art.IWM ART 2242).


This website contains biographies of the 55 men of the West Hampshire villages of Damerham, Martin, Rockbourne and Whitsbury who died in service during the two world wars of the 20th century. These biographies are accompanied by an account of the villages that they left behind in order to go to war, and the details of the campaigns in which they fought.

The information has been researched and created by Lt Col Mike Richardson OBE, the Author, who remains wholly responsible for any errors or inaccuracies. 

It is acknowledged that there may be mistakes in the material, and some assumptions have been made.  In consequence, you are invited to communicate any additions, corrections or observations to the Author. He would also be delighted to receive photographs of the individuals contained in our Roll of Honour, as well as photographs of their graves or memorial inscriptions.

You can contact the Author by email at:  acknown@btinternet.com

If you wish to write a letter or send paper photographs, which the Author will be happy to return, please email as above and he will make appropriate arrangements.


The Author has been granted permission to use the maps and images in this website on the strict understanding that it is for this specific, non-commercial use only. They may not be copied without the permission of the owner of the information.

The Author has used several accredited quotations and believes that this limited use is acceptable. If it is thought otherwise, please contact the Author.

You are welcome to use the written text information contained in the booklet, less the quotations that are not the Author’s to permit.

A full list of acknowledgements is contained here.


The information on these pages claims neither to be a history of the Western Downland community, nor of the wars and campaigns that it describes. The author is not qualified to perform such a task and is aware that he may have made errors in describing the people and events herein. The details provided, beyond recounting the results of research into the home and service lives of our fallen, are there for context only. If your interest in these world-changing events has been stirred, there are many scholarly publications available that will give you the levels of detail and accuracy you require.


The content of this website is also contained in booklets, funded by the Damerham and Western Downland Branch of the Royal British Legion, which have been donated to our four village parish churches, the local school and to certain village halls.

To find out more about the Branch and the RBL, visit the Societies and Organisation Page.



Roll of Honour Names

The Western Downland Contribution

World War 1

The Western Front Campaign

The Gallipoli Campaign

The Salonika Campaign

The Mesopotamia Campaign

World War 2

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